Mantalena Tigkili is a visual artist currently working also as a Set and Costume Designer.
She lives and works in Athens and Germany.
Her work is combined from story-like compositions in large-scaled artworks.
Her intense use of color, merged with abstract expressionism, creates the homonymous Human
Based on her instinct and the element of randomness she creates an interactive universe.
A human being has a corporeal form in the real word. Each being autonomous but also in unison.
That form can have a separate life, as a painting. And though, a human’s life is finite, once one
transcends into the canvas it becomes infinite.
As they all co-exist within her painterly world,from the smallest detail until the painting’s
protagonists, viewers are given the opportunity to evolve, come to a better understanding of
themselves and even escape.

The canvas is but a part of the world as she understands it.

Both the human being and painting are battlegrounds.
In painting , expression clashes with canvas while man’s inner conflict is between ideal and reality.
She wishes to discover a potential balance between these conflicts as well as the underlying beauty
that could stem from them.

Images from the subconscious driven by memories, faces of people she knows, or got a glimpse of, or
even some of the people she’ll meet who’s fates are uncertain.

Her concern has been the direction of the human figure, restrictions of the mind, imposed by society
and deep-rooted ideas as a subject matter portrayed through the painting process.
Method challenges randomness in the sphere of visual space , in an attempt to
to accomplish the creation of a utopia through tragedy.

Figures with no gender , descend from childhood’s innocent.

Paintings that combine people’s stories and feeling.

Their aggression und their dissatisfaction for the Society.

Mantalena Tigkili graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts in 2019.

Her thesis “Human Landscapes” was awarded by the Professor committee with the grade of Excellent