Mantalena Olga Tigkili is a Visual Artist currently working also as a Set and Costume Designer.
She lives and works in Athens and Germany. 
¨Through my instinct and the use of randomness, I create interactive universes where a human being who has a corporeal form in the real world
transforms into canvas and becomes infinite. From the smallest details to the most prominent character,
I invite viewers into my world of expressionistic painting, a place where they can learn and grow, commiserate and feel better understood,
while escaping their phenomenological reality. My perspective is that the canvas is but a part of the world.
I believe painting and humans are meant to be battlegrounds. In painting, the canvas battles the expression while humans’ inner conflicts
revolve around the ideal and the real. I hope to find a balance between these conflicts and the underlying beauty that can be derived from them.
Images colored by my subconscious or based on my dreams, which I frequently record. The canvas evokes memories, faces i know,
or even people i will meet in the future but whose fates are uncertain.
Figures without gender appear, which may reflect our childhood innocence.
In my work, I emphasize the Direction of the human figure, the limits imposed by society on our minds, and the deep-rooted ideas I possess.
Painting Randomness challenges Painting Method in the sphere of the visual space as i try to accomplish the creation of an Utopia through tragedy.
Attempts to combine stories and feelings of people : sometimes also their aggressions or their dissatisfaction with society.”
Mantalena Tigkili graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts in 2019.
Her thesis “Human Landscapes” was awarded by the Professor committee with the grade of Excellent